Usage Video

Here we show how to spell a word “apple”.

 1The image for word apple is divided into 5 slices and displayed in upper half, each slides contains a character. You should drag and drop these slices into cells at the bottom half in the order of “apple”.
If you don’t know what’s the word, you can tap the middle left button with speaker icon to hear the word.
 2Long touch the image slice with “A” and the slice will float after 3 seconds.
Make sure that your finger touches the middle of the slice and there is nothing else touching the screen.
 3Keep touched and drag the image slice to the leftest spare cell at the bottom. You will see the cell becomes gray.
 4Drop the image slice and the slice will be in the target cell.Make sure that there is nothing touching the screen when you drop the image slice.
If you drag and drop other slice (like “l” slice), you are not able to drop into the leftest cell that only accept “a” slice.
 5Now long tap “p” slice to float.
Notes: There are 2 “p” slices here, if you are not able to drag and drop one “p” slice, just try the other “p” slice. Don’t worry the app don’t evaluate this as mistake.
 6Now drop “p” slice to leftest spare cell.
Notes: If you don’t know which is the next character, you can tap the middle right button marked as “?”, the image slice with correct character will move up-and-down. The app will evaluate this as one mistake.
 7Drag and drop other slices.  8You’re done